We all have a story that stems from a myriad of roads we have traveled.  In fact, our lives are comprised of several stories that have helped mold us into who we are today.  Our experiences may be good, bad, and/or ugly as we travel the roads of life, but for the most part, they tend to equip us with insightful views about life in general.  LifeWriting.com offers a platform that publicizes writings that have derived from these views.  Since the writings are typically inspired by real events, people can relate to most of the stories, making them impactful for the reader(s). 

The art of writing has also proven to be somewhat therapeutic because the writer can capture and release the most intimate of thoughts, hence, the notion of therapy.  LifeWriting.com hopes to be a place where fires are ignited in the bellies of those that hunger for unique perspectives to various life events.  Words of truth, kindness, and sheer understanding will resonate as we share our creative genius with the world.  So, don your thinking caps, mobilize your fingers, or simply sit back and read.  LifeWriting.com is where creative writing will definitely speak!

The Vision is to become a worldwide online venue that provokes thought by imparting knowledge in a creative manner.

The Mission is to provide a platform that publicizes written works of art and discussions about life, that inspire and shed light to people beyond borders.
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